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We are a sanitary napkins manufacturer, and we can provide customized products and solutions to our consumers, which is why we are your best option in the market. We can customize our products according to customers’ needs or can recommend suitable products based on our market experience and product knowledge.

When it comes to finding the best sanitary napkin manufacturers, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the products. You want to find a company that produces high-quality sanitary pads for your customers to keep them feeling dry and comfortable and also offers a wide variety of pads with different absorbencies.

Why choose us?

Our expertise has been tested by the market

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Daily average production capacity
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Clean production workshop
Global brands reach cooperation
Different materials available

production capacity and Quality control

Production Capacity
And Quality Control Of SILK TREASURE

Production capacity

SILK TREASURE has introduced full-servo high-speed production equipment, with a daily output of 1 million pieces to meet the needs of major brands. Sizes of sanitary napkins include 155mm, 180mm, 245mm, 290mm, 320mm, 360mm, 420mm

Quality control

Each production facility is equipped with a testing system. We set the parameters of qualified products in advance and monitor them during high-speed production. If they do not meet the requirements we set, they are automatically rejected

Sanitation and Disinfection Process

Health and Safety Of SILK TREASURE

Unpacking workshop
All qualified raw materials should be disinfected with UV light in the debundling workshop before entering the workshop.
purification workshop
Strictly in accordance with the standard construction of full sealing production workshop, 36,000 square meters
UV overlay disinfection
Ultraviolet disinfection devices are installed in all passages of the production area, and each area is closed
EO sterilization
Sterilization method is the same as medical masks, after sterilization the product reaches "0" fungus, more hygienic

Advantages of EO Sterilization

Epoxyalkylene has a sterilizing effect, does not corrode the metal, has no residual odor, and can kill bacteria (and endospores), molds and fungi.

Therefore, it can be used to disinfect some items and materials that cannot withstand high temperature disinfection. It is widely used to disinfect medical products such as bandages, sutures and surgical instruments.

Sanitation and Disinfection Process


SILK TREASURE and the National Laboratory of Modern Silk, Soochow University, China jointly established a laboratory. The R&D center has an office area of 120 square meters, scientific research and laboratory space of 500 square meters, and basic personnel and equipment. The Engineering Laboratory will cooperate with Professor Lu and Professor Xing of Soochow University to carry out research work in three research directions: “Digital Silk Processing Technology”, “Ecological Processing Technology of Silk Products” and “Functional Silk and Product Processing Technology”.

Silk Treasure now obtained:

9 invention patents
20 utility model patents

Certifications and Certificates

Third-Party Certification Obtained By SILK TREASURE

SILK TRESURE is also certified by third party certification bodies, including ISO 9001 quality system certification, CMA Testing certification, SGS product testing certification, CE certification and FDA certification to ensure the quality of products.

Sanitary napkin manufacturer certificate

What our clients say


Adam Jarod
Adam Jarod
I am very happy to cooperate with Silk Treasure. They helped me to register the trademark and design the renderings, which made me very worry-free and trustworthy.
Emily Rees
Emily Rees
Marketing Manager
When I first came into contact with Silk Treasure, I asked for their samples. I didn't expect the quality to be unexpectedly good. We have cooperated for many years.
John Smith
John Smith
I have customized sanitary napkins of my own brand at Silk Treasure, they sell well, and most importantly, their quality is very stable, they are a trusted partner
Paul Trueman
Paul Trueman
I have changed the packaging design many times, and Silk Treasure can respond in time. This is something that other hygiene products companies cannot do.
George Davin
George Davin
Project manager
I am from Ghana and Silk Treasure is the best one of the many suppliers I work with, they are reasonably priced and most importantly of good quality and trustworthy.

Silk Treasure has customized products and services for more than 150 brands, is a professional R&D, production, sales of health care products, sanitary products manufacturer.

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