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The Ultimate Guide to
Baby Diapers


Baby diapers are a kind of baby underwear that allows babies to poop or pee without using a toilet or soiling clothes, beddings, etc. they are an efficient way of handling baby toilet hygiene. They are commonly worn by babies and children who have issues with bedwetting. There are also adult diapers for patients who can’t leave the bed, seriously ill patients, and adults of advanced age.


Classification of baby diapers

According to different uses, there are two common types of baby diapers on the market today.
1,Baby Diaper
2,Pull-up diapers


Baby Diaper

1:Double side with Velcro, easy for mom to wear for baby; 2:More suitable for younger babies; 3:Easy to replace, no need to take off the baby's pants; 4:Commonly used sizes: S/M/L/XL.

Pull-up Diaper

1:Elastic waistband at the top to avoid scratching the skin; 2:More suitable for older babies; 3:Mom only needs to put it on for her baby at night; 4:Commonly used sizes: L/XL/XXL/XXXL.

The use of diapers began with the use of different types of cloth in the old days which were either made of soft material or thick fabric. They were folded around a baby’s bottom and between the legs as a way of absorbing body waste. This gradually progressed to the use of cotton material, towels, and several other things believed to be absorbent enough to hold urine and feces. Pants made from different materials like rubber, nylon have been used in the past over cloth diapers as a way of preventing a leak. These forms of diapers created several issues for parents and babies. The major issue was that caused by the popular diaper rash which caused serious irritation of baby skin and kept babies very uncomfortable. The cloth diapers were also very difficult to keep clean and free from harmful organisms that can harm the baby. The need for frequent changing of diapers meant frequent washing of cloths and maintaining a difficult hygiene standard of drying and sterilizing. With time, the need for a better and more efficient process became clear enough; giving rise to the birth of disposable baby diapers manufactured in several hygiene product companies all over the world to improve hygiene, reduce the stress of changing diapers, protecting the baby’s skin and protecting the environment from pollution.

Disposable vs Traditional Diapers

Disposable baby diapers and traditional or cloth baby diapers have peculiar advantages and disadvantages. These can be looked at from their unique properties, materials used in production, effects on the environment, and so on.



This is an important influence over the choice of diapers customers go for and will continue to be a huge determining factor. Cloth diapers are considerably very much cheaper than disposable baby diapers. They are also reusable which means that their use can be sustained for a long period which the diapers would be required. Disposable diapers on the other hand are more expensive and the running cost over the period that diapers will be used is quite intense. Let’s not forget that diapers require frequent changes as well. This is the general view; however, maintaining cloth diapers and keeping them sterilized is not cheap. They must be washed regularly using baby-friendly detergents, the diaper liners, drying racks also create high maintenance costs.


Absorption And Baby’s Comfort


In the past, the industry used materials like cloth, cotton, etc, and even though they were soft and served the purpose to some extent, they weren’t as efficient. Some problems encountered were poor absorption, infections, rashes around the diaper area, leaks, inability to hold in moisture for a reasonable length of time and they were not exactly gentle on the baby’s skin.


The early disposable diapers

The early disposable diapers were made with several materials. The industry experimented with several options which included; fluff cellulose, cotton fibers, wood pulp fluff, and so on. Every material used has its advantages and disadvantages and the aim was to evolve into using natural products that would stay soft, rapidly absorb moisture, resist leakage, feel very soft on the baby’s skin and maintain the best possible comfort.

The current baby diaper design

The current baby diaper design used by diaper manufacturers consists of the surface sheet, the rapid absorption pad that makes up the core layer and is between the surface sheet and the backsheet, and finally, the backsheet or lower sheet. The quality of a disposable baby diaper lies significantly in its ability to rapidly absorb urine and keep the surface soft, cool, and dry. The other important features are the elastic band for proper fitting.


The Surface Course

This is the layer closest to the baby’s skin and is expected to be made of breathable and permeable material that rapidly sucks in moisture and evenly redistributes it to the inner layer where it is held in. This layer should maintain softness, dryness, and freshness.

The Absorption Core

Made of a soft rapidly absorbing pad that quickly absorbs moisture coming from the surface sheet, redistributes it throughout the core layer, and keeps it locked in there to maintain a dry surface.

The Base Film

Made of non-woven, breathable polyethylene film that prevents the leak of moisture from the diaper.


One or more pairs of adhesive or mechanical fasteners may be adjustable to keep the diapers in place. Elastic fabrics are also fitted around the waist and leg areas to prevent the escape of fluid and to keep the diaper secured.

Urine display adhesive strip

Wetness indicators alert caregivers to when the baby passes urine. Some diapers come with different pleasant fragrances and essential oils to protect the skin around the diaper area and several other features depending on the brand and what is in demand.


Due to the concern for environmental challenges and the use of products that are safe and hygienic for baby use, the materials used for the manufacture of baby diapers are common materials tested and found to be safe for use in the production of hygiene products. Commonly, the main raw materials used include; cellulose, polypropylene, polyethylene, highly absorbent polymers, tapes, adhesives, elastic fabrics, inks for decorations, a chemical used as wetness indicators. The aim is to manufacture products for sale in the global market that pose very little risk to the environment.

Skin-friendly surface layer

Skin-friendly surface layer

Anti-side leakage

Anti-side leakage

baby diapers Elastic-waistband

Elastic waistband


Skin-friendly surface layer

Absorption cores

Anti-side leakage

Urine display adhesive strip

Elastic waistband


The manufacturing of baby diapers involves the production of the absorbent pad and assembling it with the other two layers which have unique qualities that enable the diaper to perform its functions. The stages in production include;

Procuring and sampling of raw materials
At Silk Treasure, we are committed to using the best natural resources to make disposable diapers. The first stage is to source raw materials from trusted suppliers in the industry, all of which are sample tested for safety, strength, softness and quality.
The production process proper
While adhering to specific brand requirements on quality, design, and features, the various parts of the diapers are assembled using automated machines. The layers are assembled and tested by the diaper manufacturers.
Quality control
This stage serves to ensure that diapers are of the highest quality and in line with required safety standards. Products that do not meet the requirements are rejected at this stage. Every company usually operates a quality control system to ensure that products meet the standard requirements and specifications of the brand.
This involves arranging the diaper in customized packs and boxes as specified by the brand. There is a wide variety of automatic boxing and packaging equipment and materials that can be used to ensure the safe, neat, and hygienic packaging of products.
Sterilization and delivery
The packaged diapers are sterilized using the same methods as for medical masks until a required safety standard is reached.


The demand for baby diapers continues to increase and statistics predict that the global baby diapers market size will reach $80,994.0 million by the year 2030. Initially, the more affluent part of the population was the more frequent users of baby diapers but with the recent springing up of several manufacturers, brands, and products of varying price ranges, the market has seen a rise in the demand from the less affluent. The use of baby diapers has become a preferred option for travel, working moms, nannies, and so on.

Because the emergence of baby diapers is so convenient; compared to the cloth diapers of the past, they are also more clean and hygienic, and this increment will continue to increase,Parents’ love for their children is selfless.


Whilst there are several charming qualities that different brands may come with, the most appealing quality for disposable diapers lies in their ability to perform their primary function efficiently. Some qualities to look out for include;

The choice of resources used for the surface layer:

Avoid poor-quality materials that can cause allergic reactions to babies’ skin.

The quality of the absorbent pad or core layer:

The elasticity of the bands at the waist and legs:

Air permeability:

Customizable Packaging

Silk Treasure is willing to provide you with a one-stop service, from packaging specification setting to packaging design and packaging material selection. We will give advice and take prompt action, and have dedicated colleagues to assist you in every step.

Packaging materials are generally divided into PE bags, Aluminum Foil Bags, Paper Boxes, etc.

In recent years, with the development of environmental protection awareness, people are gradually beginning to use environmentally friendly materials.

Here are two types of environmentally friendly bags.

The first type uses bio-degradable starch as the adhesive agent and PE.
The second type uses antioxidant polymers instead of adhesives. Many customers are looking for environmentally friendly products. If you want to change your packaging material, or you want to try a new type of eco-friendly bag, please contact us and we will provide free samples.

Sanitary napkin packaging bag


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