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The Ultimate Guide to Disposable Face Towels

Face towels are widely used in the kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes even the dining room.

But what happens when one is needed but not available?

There are many occasions and places such as offices, schools, and other workplaces where towels can be needed but are not available. Similarly, while traveling you might need a towel or cloth.

In these situations, a disposable face towel can be the ideal solution.  These handy little guys come in a variety of weights, sizes, and absorbencies. They’re also really affordable, so you can buy them in bulk and always be prepared. Plus, they’re disposable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them up after use. Just throw them away and you’re good to go!

In this blog post, I will tell you all about disposable face towels and answer some of the most common questions about them.

What are Disposable Face Towels?

Disposable face towels are small towels that are specifically designed for use on the face. They are made from absorbent materials such as cotton and other plant-based material that are 100% biodegradable in the natural environment. They are the best alternative to using tissues or napkins when you need to dry or wipe your face. They are designed to be disposable, which means that you can use them and how away.

You might be thinking that why someone needs a disposable face towel if an ordinary face towel is available.

The answer is that a disposable face towel is specifically designed for the face and it is much smaller in size than an ordinary towel. It can easily fit in your pocket or bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Furthermore, there are also numerous hygiene benefits of these face towels. In the following section, I will tell you the benefits of these towels.

Daily Face Washing

Daily Face Washing


Makeup Removal Cleansing

Disposable vs Traditional Diapers

Disposable towels are multipurpose and have several advantages over paper or ordinary towels. The benefits of these towels include deep cleaning, hygiene, softness, super absorbency, portability, being free of chemicals and additives, and being good for sensitive skin. The details are as under.



One of the biggest benefits of using disposable face towels is that they offer superior hygiene protection. They are made from 100% biodegradable materials that can be easily disposed of after use. This means that there is no risk of cross-contamination and you can be sure that they will not harbor any harmful bacteria. On the other hand, ordinary towels and tissues can contain bacteria and other harmful germs, which can be dangerous for your skin.


Deep cleaning




So, these are some of the key benefits of disposable face towels. If you need more information then contact us today. Now let’s move on to other questions related to these face towels.

Materials and Patterns

The materials that are used in disposable face towels can vary depending on the brand. It can be made from 100% cottonbamboo fiber, or microfiber. At Silk Treasure, the leading manufacturer of disposable face towels, we use 100% cotton for the manufacturing of these towels, which is the best material for hygiene and softness. This makes them eco-friendly, as they degrade in the natural environment after usage. This also ensures that you get premium hygiene products with zero damage to the environment.


The disposable face towels come in a variety of different designs and patterns. You can select from a variety of colors, prints, and designs to find one that is perfect for your needs. Our team at Silk Treasure has put together a wide range of designs to cater to all kinds of customers. At present, the following patterns are highly popular.

    • 1.Plain
    • 2.Pearl pattern
    • 3.Combo of plain and pearl pattern (one side pearl and one side plain)

Plain disposable face towels:

They are the simplest and most basic type of disposable towels. These are smooth and soft. There is less friction on your skin while using a flat pattern towel. This makes them perfect for hygiene and for uses where deep cleaning is highly desirable. They come in a variety of different sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your needs.


Pearl pattern disposable face towels:

The pearl pattern is one of the most popular designs for disposable face towels. It is a textured surface with small bumps all over it. This gives you a soft bumpy touch. It is perfect for exfoliating the skin and removing all the dirt and makeup. The pearl pattern also comes in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Combo of plain and pearl pattern disposable face towels:

This is a unique type of disposable towel that comes with a mix of two designs. One side is plain, while the other side has the pearl pattern. The combination of pearl and plain pattern offers the best of both worlds. One side has a textured surface with small bumps, while the other side is plain and smooth. This allows you to use them both ways and get the benefits of both designs. Moreover, there are great reviews by people on our site.


What options are available with regard to weight in disposable face towels?

The weight of the disposable face towel can vary depending on the brand and the size of the towel. At Silk Treasure, we offer a variety of different weights to choose from. Usually, the weight ranges between 60g-80g. You can select the weight that is perfect for your needs. The heavier weight is perfect for those who need a more durable and absorbent towel. It is also great for those who want a softer feel. The following options are for you:


Lightweight (60 grams)——80ml

Regular weight (65 grams) ——90ml

Heavyweight (70 grams) ——100ml

Ultra heavyweight (75 grams)——110ml

Pro Ultra heavyweight (80 grams)——120ml

Packing method for single-use face towels:

The disposable face towels are packed in a way that makes them easy to use and carry around. They come in the following three packings

Bag  /  Rolls  /  Boxes

All of these pacings are easy to store and transport. You can hang the small bag on your bathroom door for easy access, or you can place a box of face towels in your bathroom.

Out of these three packing methods, the rolled packing method is the emerging one and becoming more and more popular among people and businesses. It is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than other methods.

Similarly, the bagged method of packing is also sustainable. The outer bag can be used for keeping makeup items and other small items tidy and safe.

What factors should you consider before buying disposable face towels?

When you are looking to buy disposable face towels, there are a few factors you need to consider. These factors are purpose, weight, size, design, quality, and price.

The following are some important points to keep in mind:

1.The gram weight that best suits your needs.
If you need high absorbency, then heavier facial tissues are for you.
Higher gram weights are more tenacious and less likely to shed lint
Of course, higher grammage also means higher price

2.The size of the towel that is most convenient for you.
Common sizes are: 180*180/180*200/190*200/200*200 (mm)

3.The pattern of the facial towel.

Different patterns serve different purposes.


Is a face towel good for face cleaning?

Yes, a face towel is good for face cleaning. It can help remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your face. It is also helpful in removing sweat and bacteria from your skin.

Can I use disposable face towels on sensitive skin?

What kind of towels do aestheticians use?

What is the difference between a disposable face towel and a regular towel?


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