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We are a sanitary napkins manufacturer, and we can provide customized products and solutions to our consumers, which is why we are your best option in the market. We can customize our products according to customers’ needs or can recommend suitable products based on our market experience and product knowledge.

When it comes to finding the best sanitary napkin manufacturers, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the products. You want to find a company that produces high-quality sanitary pads for your customers to keep them feeling dry and comfortable and also offers a wide variety of pads with different absorbencies.

Our customisable products

Are you still thinking about how to find a qualified sanitary product manufacturer instead of a wholesaler, we have a wealth of product portfolio solutions and cooperation cases for your reference. Remember, Silk Treasure can provide you with one-stop service to help you build a good brand easily.

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The Ultimate Guide to Disposable Sanitary Napkins

Through this article, you will have a clearer understanding of sanitary napkins, click on the icons below to reach the specified location.

Insights into our Sanitary Napkin Layered Diagram:

By understanding the layered structure of sanitary napkins, you can have a clearer understanding of the product, whether you customize your own brand of sanitary napkins or do the corresponding market research, it will be of great help

The general sanitary napkin product structure makes a common layer of 6-9 layers, depending on the choice of different materials and structures, each layer has a different role (from top to bottom):

1. Anti-side leakage: It can greatly reduce the embarrassment of side leakage on both sides.

2. Skin-friendly surface layer: Commonly used materials are silk, cotton, bamboo fiber, cotton soft and so on.

3. Functional chip: Add a selling point to your product and enrich product functions.

4. Upper wrapping layer: Accelerates the penetration of liquid and makes the absorption layer absorb evenly.

5. Absorbent core: It is composed of polymer absorption factor and is the core part of sanitary napkin absorption.

6. Lower wrapping layer: Protects the absorption factor structure.

7. Breathable base film: Affects the breathability of sanitary napkins.

8. Adhesive and release paper: The viscosity of the adhesive determines the user experience, and release paper is often used for brand promotion.

9. External protective film: A barrier to isolate dust and bacteria.

Preventing Side Leakage

You can drag the slider up and down to compare the difference between whether the sanitary napkins contains an Preventing side leakage structure or not.

We added too much distilled water to the above products, but the water is still concentrated in the center of the sanitary napkins, which can prevent side leakage to some extent.

Of course, if the product is bent (simulating the use of a real person), the before-and-after contrast will be more obvious.

General commonly used materials.

Hot air process nonwoven: plush feeling, high price

Spunbond process nonwoven: commonly used, low cost

Skin Contact Layer

As a leading manufacturer of women’s sanitary pads ,we know how important it is to have material that is skin and health-friendly without any harmful ingredients in it. Therefore we aim for the best materials that can make every women’s life easy during this not-so-fun time. Following are some Sanitary Napkins to choose from:

silk sanitary napkins

Silk Patent Sanitary Napkins

We have a keen eye for innovation and we want our consumers to have the best products. The silk sanitary pad is an invention patented product of SILK TREASURE company. The silk is light and soft and has an antibacterial effect. It is made from biodegradable material and has no peculiar smell.

Organic cotton sanitary pads

Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins

Organic cotton is a natural fiber and our company uses pesticide-free organic cotton. These will not cause any allergies. Thay are highly recognized in the market and are suitable for sensitive skin. Mid-to-high-end brands have chosen these Biodegradable sanitary pads for creating private label brands.

Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Napkins

Bamboo fiber sanitary pad is divided into white and yellow series. These pads are very derma-friendly and suitable for women with sensitive skin. These too are made from biodegradable material.The fibers can be clearly seen under the light source,It is an emerging material.

Cotton Soft Sanitary Napkins

Cotton soft sanitary napkins are made of polypropylene fibers. There are many different qualities, usually chosen in the low to mid market, these are non-degradable napkins, India is a very large market and our mesh sanitary pads are commonly used in India.

Differences between each type of material in contact with the skin

Comparison of skin affinity:

Silk > Bamboo Fiber = Organic Cotton > Dry Mesh


Silk (YES); Bamboo Fiber (YES); Organic Cotton (YES); Dry Mesh (NO).

Material characteristics:

Silk :

Animal protein.The similarity with human skin reaches 87%.
Rich in 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the body.
long-term use nourishes the skin.With antibacterial, antipruritic properties.
Porous structure absorbs odours.

Bamboo fiber:

Plant fiber;Suitable for women with sensitive skin, in line with the healthy concept of green environmental protection, bamboo itself has a strong adsorption capacity, odor removal effect is obvious.

Organic cotton:

Plant fiber;It is well known and recognized by many people. It is skin-friendly and suitable for people with sensitive skin. There are also many brands in the application.

Cotton soft:

Chemical fiber;Cost is relatively lower, also have a lot of product form, dry and refreshing sex is very strong, often have hot air craft and spunstick craft two kinds.

Types of materials:

Silk :

Pure silk; OR Silk blended with pure cotton/bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber: 

White bamboo fiber;     Natural color (yellow) bamboo fiber;

Organic cotton: 

Spunlaced process cotton;     Knitted cotton (Modal)

Cotton Soft: 

Plain grain;      perforated;          pearl grain, etc.

Functional Layer

We emphasise a lot on Innovation and design-thinking in our business, the images shown are a few examples of the patterns that distributors can choose from. We can meet your needs and give you advice about it.

The requests we receive often from many business owners are “negative ions, silver ions, antioxidants, graphene, bamboo charcoal, and lines etc.”, You can also choose from these or can go for a totally customized design for value addition.

Absorbent Layer

The absorption of sanitary napkins is done through this layer, and there are two commonly used materials:

The picture above shows the first option;

Dust-free paper wrapped water absorption layer:

his advantage is that the product can be very thin, air permeability will be better, and it is not easy to lump.

The second option is pictured below:

Mixing wood pulp with SAP.

The advantage is that the product will be softer, look thicker, and be less price.

Breathable Membrane

This is the last floor of the panty liner, glued to the underwear. As a supplier, we take personal care products very seriously and for that reason, we did the following test. while choosing the material for the breathable base film, it is generally PE material, made by a unique process : We put hot water into the lower beaker, put a sanitary napkin on it, and then put a clean beaker on the top. The air permeability of sanitary napkins can be easily judged by water mist. Now, there are Biodegradable materials that can also achieve this effect, which is more beneficial to our environment.

Ultra-thin breathable sanitary napkin

In terms Of Products,Customized protective film

SILK TREASURE can make this strip pack.

This makes the sanitary napkin 360° all wrapped up.

more hygienic, smaller and easier to carry when folded.

In terms of material selection.

We also usually recommend that you use biodegradable materials

Of course, including flat patterns, pattern lines, and color layouts can also be implemented according to your own ideas.

Strip pack sanitary napkins

Customizable Packaging

Silk Treasure is willing to provide you with a one-stop service, from packaging specification setting to packaging design and packaging material selection. We will give advice and take prompt action, and have dedicated colleagues to assist you in every step.

Packaging materials are generally divided into PE bags, Aluminum Foil Bags, Paper Boxes, etc.

In recent years, with the development of environmental protection awareness, people are gradually beginning to use environmentally friendly materials.

Here are two types of environmentally friendly bags.

The first type uses bio-degradable starch as the adhesive agent and PE.

The second type uses antioxidant polymers instead of adhesives. Many customers are looking for environmentally friendly products. If you want to change your packaging material, or you want to try a new type of eco-friendly bag, please contact us and we will provide free samples.

Sanitary napkin packaging bag

Selection Of Product Size

Many clients ask SILK TREASURE to offer more product specification options:

155mm sanitary pad

180mm small sanitary napkin

245mm daily sanitary napkin

290mm night sanitary napkin

320mm night sanitary napkin

360mm plus long night sanitary napkin

420mm super long night sanitary napkin

Meet all your requirements for product specifications.

Why choosing good feminine hygiene products can be influential for your brand?

Brands are at war regarding their feminine hygiene products. For years a few brands ruled this ever-growing market. But thanks to globalization, more and more women are becoming health conscious which has led to companies and brands adopting an ethical, ecological, and organic friendly outlook.

If you are too of the same view, then contact us today to learn how choosing our products can be beneficial for you.

We as a sanitary napkin manufacturer and supplier also offer services that include wet wipes, paper towels, facial tissue, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, diapers, and maxi tissue.

SILK TREASURE has served its consumer worldwide and can make customized products according to our client’s needs.We also provide other services to our customers, such as design work for packaging bags and outer cartons, etc.


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The thicker the Sanitary Napkins, the more absorbent it is?

Our consumers have sent this question a lot in emails. The water absorption of sanitary napkins has nothing to do with the thickness of the product.Whether it is the wood pulp structure or the dust-free paper structure, these only serve to allow water to diffuse, while it is the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that really absorbs and locks in moisture.

What is SAP?

What is the best type of SAP for the liners?

Why is the choice of skin contact layer important?

How can I make tampons have more sales characteristics?

Silk Treasure has customized products and services for more than 150 brands, is a professional R&D, production, sales of health care products, sanitary products manufacturer.

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