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Top 10 sanitary pads manufacturers in South Africa

Top 10 sanitary pads manufacturers in South Africa

More and more women in South Africa use sanitary pads when they are menstruating. This makes it a very lucrative market for manufacturers of these products. However, not all manufacturers are equal, and some stand out from the rest. According to a report by PRNewswire, the African Sanitary pads market will reach $ 779 million by the end of the year 2022. In this article, I will take a look at the top 10 sanitary pad manufacturers in South Africa and what makes them special. But before that let’s find out why menstruation napkins are significant for women.

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Top 10 Sanitary Pads manufacturer in South Africa:

There are many other sanitary pad manufacturers in South Africa, but the ten listed below are the top ones. They offer relatively high-quality products that help women to enjoy their menstruation period while leading regular lives.

  1. Silk Treasure Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.
  2. Torunskie Zaklady Materialow Opatrunkowych S.A. (bella)
  3. Procter & Gamble SA
  4. Johnson & Johnson SA
  5. Kimberly Clark SA
  6. Palesa pads
  7. Mili distributions
  8. Confitix
  9. National Pride Pvt.
  10. Sheba Feminine

Silk Treasure Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.

Silk Treasure Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary pads in South Africa. It offers a range of products that help women to stay comfortable during their menstruation period. Silk Treasure has five types of sanitary napkins for various needs, including:

  • Light Flow – Normal flow with a thin pad, which is designed for everyday use during the menstruation period.
  • Heavy Flow – Double layer with a super absorbing strip, which is suitable for heavy flow and overnight use.
  • Incontinence towels – With wings and leak-proof protection to ensure that no urine leaks through to clothing or furniture while women are sleeping.
  • Postpartum napkins – Designed to serve as an in-between pad during the postpartum period, when women are still menstruating but not actively bleeding.
  • Custom cleanliness products – Silk Treasure can also manufacture custom cleanliness products according to your needs.

Silk Treasure’s sanitary products are made with breathable cotton so that they feel comfortable on the inside even when worn directly against the skin. The company uses SAP (super absorbent polymer) material in its pads to ensure that they are not only absorbent but also stay dry for a long period of time.

Torunskie Zaklady Materialow Opatrunkowych S.A.

This company offers feminine cleanliness products under the Bella brand. Under the Bella brand, the company offers a wide range of products: Feminine pad and other intimate hygiene items. Over time this has become one line with many options to suit any woman’s needs–from those who prefer not to wear anything at all on their feet or hands during menstruation due so it is entirely hers alone; through lovers in search for extra protection against pregnancy but wanting something light enough not disrupt natural feeling when walking around town (or even running errands!)

The success behind the company lies primarily off care about quality which can be seen throughout each item executed by them. The following products related to sanitary hygiene are in the market by this company.

  • Bella sanitary pad
  • Bella ultra-thin pad
  • Bella for Teens – This includes pad, tampons as well as pantyliners
  • Bella Panty – pantyliners
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Procter & Gamble SA

The company has several brands related to femininity under its belt. The products include Always, Whisper, Radiant Infinity, and Flexi-Wing. With so many options to choose from, women are bound to find an option that meets their needs perfectly!

They offer light absorbency for light flow days; Regular absorbency for regular flow days and Maximum absorbency for overnight.

Their products have the lowest reported form of plastic among other manufacturers. Furthermore, they are also made with breathable materials to prevent the formation of bacteria. Lastly, they come in different shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of women.

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Johnson & Johnson SA

This company is also one of the market leaders in Africa as well as in the world, offering a wide range of personal care products. It offers a range of napkins for women that can be used during their menstruation period. The most famous product of this brand is Stayfree, which is not only popular all over the globe but also economical. Last but not least, the pads are offered with wings and in different sizes to provide maximum protection and comfort during the menstruation period. The Stayfree sanitary napkins come in the following range for different needs of women.

  • Stayfree Maxi
  • Stayfree ultra-thin pads with wings
  • Stayfree Overnight pads
  • Stayfree Maxi super long
J&J sanitary manufacturer

Kimberly Clark SA

Kimberly Clark is another leading manufacturer of feminine menstruation products. It offers a range of cleaning products for women that are made with breathable materials, designed to keep the skin dry and comfortable. The company also prides itself on offering different absorbencies for different menstrual flows. Some of its pad brands include V-fit, Radiant Infinity, Ultima Breeze, and Radiant Cleanse.

The company is one of the oldest manufacturers of feminine products. The company offers cleanliness products for women by the following brand names.

  • Kotex
  • Intimux
  • Camelia
Kimberly sanitary pad manufacturer

Palesa Pads

According to BorjanProject, 30% of teenage girls in South Africa are unable to attend their schools due to period poverty, in their menstruation period. This is caused by the unaffordable prices of menstruation napkins.

Shérie Palesa de Wet started the project of Plesa Pads. The good thing about these napkins is that they are washable & reusable pads. This makes them affordable for most of the women in South Africa. The mission of the Palesa pads is to provide cost-effective, eco-friendly, and sustainable pads. They are basically a social enterprise.

The napkins by Palesa are really effective as they have five layers that absorb the fluid and make you comfortable. These layers are as follow:

  • Top layer that is stain resistant
  • Quick absorbing pad lining
  • Microfiber absorbent core
  • Pad securing layer
  • Full waterproof layer
  • Printed fiber

To serve women and girls from every wake of life, Please pads come in different sizes and thicknesses. They are designed for light, medium, heavy, and very heavy menstrual flow. Women can choose from the following according to their convenience and budget.

  • Single MINI Reusable Pads
  • Pack of 3 Reusable Sanitary
  • Reusable Combo pads.
  • Accessories
Palesa sanitary napkins manufacturer

Mili distributions

MILLI DISTRIBUTIONS Pty Ltd is the sole importer and distributor of Glory Pad in the country. They have been able to cater to the needs of major retailers, pharmacies as well as government entities. Chantelle Goliath is the CEO of MILLI DISTRIBUTIONS PTY Ltd.

The Glory pad is the 1st menstruation pad in South Africa that not only reduces pain but also provides comfort to women and girls. The following are some of the benefits of Glory pads:

  • These pads are made with eco-friendly material that will degrade into the environment naturally.
  • Many sanitary pads result in infection. However, Glory pads are infection-free because they are toxin-free.
  • Made with alternative material i.e. 75% cotton, and other proportion of paper and plastic.
  • Higher absorbency rates than other disposable pads.

The good thing about Glory sanitary pads is that they can be used for girls of all ages. These are light weighted and designed with wings to provide comfort during movement. There is no fear of leakage or odor with the glory pad because it protects from both.

Mili sanitary pad manufacturer


In an industry where comfort and quality are at a premium, Comfitex offers fresh sanitary protection that women can trust. With monthly options to keep them feeling protected all day long as well as everyday essentials for those who prefer less intrusion into their daily life – from sensual pleasures in the bedroom right down through every aspect of health care- this brand has solidified itself among modern African growing population of female consumers!

Comfitex manufactures a wide range of women’s sanitary products including Sanitary pads, pantyliners, sanitary bags, and wipes. These products are made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

The following options are available with Confitex.

Basic Pads

With the Comfitex Basic Pads, you’ll be able to feel confident in your pads while feeling fresh all day long. The thick economy design means that there are fewer worries of uncomfortable leaks or stains from other products!

Bodyform Pads

These Pads offer extra security with channels to keep your skin safe. You get a great product at an affordable price, making them one less thing on top of all those other worries in life!

Maxi Thick Pads

These Pads are the perfect choice for those days when you have a heavier flow. These pads offer great protection and will keep leaks at bay, even during your most rigorous of flows!

Ultra-Thin Pads

ThesePads are perfect for any type of flow and will offer you ultimate protection with their ultra-thin design. The pad is quite discreet even when wearing tight or thin clothing, so they’re an ideal choice no matter what phase your cycle is in!

Confitix sanitary pad manufacturer

National Pride Pvt.

The company was founded in 2001. The company makes make several personal hygiene products including sanitary napkins with the name of Simply Dry. These napkins are made with adhesive technology which helps to keep the pad in place. They are not easily detectable under clothes even when worn for a longer duration of time. They are available in different sizes suitable for women of every age.

The company is devoted to producing products that help women to feel safe and fresh during their menstrual cycle. These pads offer protection against leakage from the front side as well as from the back. The menstruation napkins are made with polymer technology that ensures quick absorption of fluid and prevents leakage. These products can be used by women of all ages.

National sanitary pad manufacturer

Sheba Feminine

Sheba is a company that makes eco-friendly menstrual napkins and other feminine hygiene products. The company started its journey in 2017, as a reaction towards women hygiene products containing tons of harsh chemicals and plastic which are not only harmful to women but also the environment at large; we use 11-16 thousand feminine sterility items each lifetime (depending on how many you have). The organic cotton alternatives by Sheba Feminine can help reduce these numbers by providing sustainable options while being mindful of our responsibility toward Mother Earth!

The company focuses on the following points.

  • Organic and non-toxic products – The ingredients used in the making of feminine products are often harmful to women and the environment at large. Sheba is completely different from all these others with an organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly product line that provides you freshness, safety, and happiness!
  • Eco-friendliness and sustainability – Sheba makes sure to produce feminine cleanliness items in an environmentally sustainable way. We do this by using the best quality organic cotton and ensuring that we don’t harm the environment or women’s health at any stage of our product life cycle.
  • Awareness of women – The company focus on empowering women by providing them with non-biased information about their bodies. We want you to be comfortable about the changes happening around your body, wherever you are in your cycle!

The following menstruation products are available with Sheba Feminine.

  • Sheba Feminine Pantyliners
  • Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads
  • Sheba Tampons
  • Menstruation cups
  • Sheba bio-degradable intimate wet wipes
Sheba sanitary pad manufacturer


These are 10 of the top menstruation pads manufacturers in South Africa. Whether you need a pad for your heavy days or something that is easily hidden, these 10 companies offer a product to suit everyone! They offer great quality products at affordable prices which provide women with one less thing to worry about during their problematic periods, and they all have eco-friendly brands available to the consumer. All of these brands are available online. I hope this article helps you find your perfect pad!

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